Summer Celebration

Each year at this time 180 Student Ministries officially kicks off the summer with an event we call Summer Celebration. Last night we celebrated in style!

Check out all the fun here...

It has become a tradition at Summer Celebration to take an annual group photo. Here is how we look this year.

Go here to see pictures from previous years.


TimandReg said...

looks like everyone had a great time, sad to see no giant slide!

Brian Eberly said...

Yes it was sad to not have the slide. It definitely was not the Summer Celebration of yester-year but it was a great one.

Even sadder....Tim and Regina were not there! Miss you guys!

Joanne said...

Msan if that was not a summer celeberation of yesteryear I would have loved to have seen them.This one looks fantastic. I can't do thinks like that with my three jr. high girls!

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