Dividends of Ministry

In my 25 years of ministry I have known many people.  Serving as youth pastor in six different churches has afforded me the opportunity to enter into and enjoy the relationships of many.  Not all have lasted.  Some have.  It is the relationships that last the test of time that are the real blessing.

Twenty one years ago I served as youth pastor at Gladstone First Baptist.  It was my first full time ministry. I often marvel, and at the same time feel so blessed, that a church took a chance on a young 22 year old with very little experience.  It was a great time; certainly a learning one! What I love most, is the fact that I am still in relationship with many of them.

This last weekend we once again got together.  How fun to see and hear of all the changes that life's journey has brought.  How great to see all the young families, many of which are loving and are serving the Lord.

All of us in youth ministry know that one rarely reaps in the same season in which we sow.  It is often years later that we see the dividends of time invested in students lives.  I am so thankful for what I saw this last weekend, and pray that God continues to do great things in and through all of our lives.

What a privilege and honor it is to play such a strategic role in the lives of young people.  I am blessed.