Freedom 5k

I did something yesterday that I thought I would never do. I ran a 5k! Keep in mind I am the guy who normally would only run when being chased, so this was a big deal!  To make it even better, I did it with my daughter Brittnie!

My friend Jon, recently began the Molalla Running Club a ministry of our church,  Foothills Community Church.  Yesterday, for the Fourth of July they held their inaugural race, the Freedom 5k.  Nearly 250 runners ran through the parade route prior to the Fourth of July parade here in Molalla.  It was a great time running passed the thousands of people lining the streets, cheering us on.

As I prepared to run the race I was quite surprised to realize, I actually enjoy running! Once again, something I thought I would never say.  So here's to better health and fitness.  Keep your eyes open, you just might see me running by!

Before the run.

After the run.

Here is a cool video of the start and finish of the race.