Freedom 5k

I did something yesterday that I thought I would never do. I ran a 5k! Keep in mind I am the guy who normally would only run when being chased, so this was a big deal!  To make it even better, I did it with my daughter Brittnie!

My friend Jon, recently began the Molalla Running Club a ministry of our church,  Foothills Community Church.  Yesterday, for the Fourth of July they held their inaugural race, the Freedom 5k.  Nearly 250 runners ran through the parade route prior to the Fourth of July parade here in Molalla.  It was a great time running passed the thousands of people lining the streets, cheering us on.

As I prepared to run the race I was quite surprised to realize, I actually enjoy running! Once again, something I thought I would never say.  So here's to better health and fitness.  Keep your eyes open, you just might see me running by!

Before the run.

After the run.

Here is a cool video of the start and finish of the race.

Why She Deserves A Day

Mother's Day is approaching.  My appreciation for the art of mothering grows each year. No, actually each day.  While I have such deep appreciation for my mom and all that she did in raising both my sister and I, it is what I see each day in my wife that has caused my appreciation for moms to truly go through the roof!  Thanks babe!

Mom's deserve more than just a day.  This tells the story.


Call your mother! 

Prayer That Works

This last Sunday I preached a message entitled "God's Blueprint For Prayer."  If interested you may hear it here.  It was a look at the prayer model Jesus gave His disciples in Luke 11:1-4.  A prayer often times referred to as the Lord's Prayer.  What is important to note about this prayer, is that it is more about how to pray rather than what to pray.

In preparing my message I stumbled onto a piece written by an anonymous author, that sums up what I believe to be the heart of Jesus, particularly when praying in such a fashion.

I cannot say, "Father" if I do not endeavor each day to act like His child.

I cannot say, "May your name be kept holy" if I am playing around with sin.

I cannot say "May your Kingdom come soon" if I am not allowing God to reign in my life.

I cannot say, "Give us each day the food we need" if I am trusting in myself instead of in God's provision.

I cannot say, "Forgive us our sins" if I am nursing a grudge or witholding forgiveness from someone else.

I cannot say, "don't let us yield to temptation" if I deliberately place myself in it's path.

As we pray, may we be remember the words of Proverbs 28:9 that "If anyone turns a deaf ear to my instruction, even their prayers are detestable."

May we be committed to not only honoring God with our lips, but with our very lives.  For when we do, we can be assured that our prayers will be heard.

Kony 2012

It was in 2006 that I first learned of the plight of the Invisible Children in Northern Uganda.  Thousands of children forced to leave their homes each night so that they might sleep without the fear of being abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).  You may learn more and read my initial thoughts here.

Now six years later the movement has gained incredible momentum and has now reached a history changing moment.  I love the spirit of the movement.  I appreciate their values and their passion for seeking and fulfilling biblical justice.

As we head into what is sure to be a very volatile election season, there is one thing that I believe all sides should agree on, justice.  I stand with this movement in making Joseph Kony "famous", bringing him to justice, and stopping the crimes he is perpetrating.

Please take 30 minutes of your time to view this video and then ask yourself what your role might be.

UPDATE:  Since the release of this campaign there has been a fair amount of critique, concern, and  criticism.  I appreciate the response of Invisible Children to the concerns that have been raised.  I encourage you to read it here.

UPDATE #2:  One month after the release of the first video, Invisible Children has released this follow up video.  Well worth the watch!

This Week At Foothills

I love being a part of all that God is doing here at Foothills Community Church.  I have the privilege of having a front row seat to life change everyday.  Our purpose here at Foothills is to reach the thousands of unchurched people in our geographic area with the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and to equip them to experience His presence and demonstrate His power.  It happens everyday!

I also have the privilege of experiencing all this with a great group of people!  Love the team God has allowed me to work with!  Each week youth pastor Sam Stuckey and I put out very fun video highlighting all that God is doing around Foothills.

I give you This Week At Foothills...

Who said church announcements needs to be boring?!


Spent some time last night talking to students about the importance and power of sharing our faith with others.  Over the course of the discussion the realization came to them, that not sharing their faith was a pretty selfish decision.  Christ has given us an amazing gift; the gift of salvation.  It is a gift not to be hoarded but rather shared.

Jesus makes it clear that we are to be engaged in sharing our faith.  The amazing part of it all is how God uses that.  We may think that our only impact is on those we spend time with, but the truth is, it goes much further than that.  That stranger sitting next to you in the coffee shop may be following Jesus, because of you!