World Vision Aids Experience

I have worked closely with World Vision for many years, primarily with their 30 Hour Famine program. Each year I grow more and more impressed with their ministry and the way they are responding to the needs of this world.

They have recently put online the World Vision Aids Experience. It is an interactive experience in which you enter into the world of a boy or girl living in Uganda facing the atrocities of AIDS and the Lords Resistance Army (LRA). I encourage you to take a few minutes and enter into their world and allow the Lord to break your heart with the things that break His. Allow Him to show you how you might join Him in bringing hope to situations like you just experienced.

The site has even won a Webby Award. The Webby Awards is the leading international honor for Web sites, and has named the World Vision AIDS Experience the best Rich Media Advertising of 2007, Non-Profit/Educational category, in the People's Voice voting.


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