By far one of my favorite things about youth ministry is seeing change take place in lives. It is the goal of each of us involved in our ministry to become more like Jesus and less like ourselves. Our ministry is called 180 Student Ministries. There is nothing better than watching Jesus help someone make a 180 in their life for Him.

Seeing students change physically is also a lot of fun! Each year at this time we put together a slide show showcasing our graduating seniors as well as our 8th graders. The slide show of the seniors highlights the last seven years they have been involved in our ministry, and the 8th grade slide show highlights the last three. Oh the changes! They are many. You don't always notice them when you are with people on a regular basis, but when you step back and look into the past, they are great.

Here they are...

Farewell to Seniors

Farewell to 8th Graders


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