As I begin my first week as Family Pastor we are also engaged in Vacation Bible School. It's been full immersion into children's ministry for me! With 147 kids it has been a very busy, yet very good week! It has been especially fun watching Robin leading the singing each day. She along with several of my students are doing a great job leading the children. Benny is also getting into the action. For the last couple of days he has been the one to hold the offering bucket for the boys. He is quite proud of this task.

Here's just a glimpse...

Watching so many of my students engaged in ministering to the children has been one of the biggest highlights of the week for me. Makes me one proud pastor.

VBS has been good on so many levels. It is great discipleship of our own children, it is great outreach to the children (and their parents) of our community, and it has been great ministry training and discipleship for our students. There have been times in the past which I have questioned the value of VBS. Not this year.


Jason said...


congrats on the transition. I pray that your new minstry endeavor will bear much fruit for the kingdom.

Aaron Geist said...

Right on Brian. You have been a great edition to the VBS Team.

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