My Next 10 Songs

I have been tagged by Adam Mclane to list the next 10 songs that come up on my iPod. Since I have such a crazy eclectic mix of music on my iPod that I would never listen to a shuffle mode, I went with the first 10 to play on my Worship Playlist, which is quite an extensive list. Here is what came up.

All We Need - Charlie Hall
The Stand - Hillsong United
Obsession - David Crowder Band
I Will Offer Up My Life - Matt Redman
The Father's Song - Matt Redman
You Are My Joy - David Crowder Band
Power of Your Love - Lincoln Brewster
God of Wrath - David Crowder Band
It is Well - By The Tree
Awesome Is the Lord Most High - Chris Tomlin

What are you listening to? Without cheating, what are the first 10 songs that will hit your ears? I'm going to tag Aaron, Darin, Tony, Dan, Doug, and Rodney on this one.


Rodney Olsen said...

Done. :)

Doug Jones said...

Here is mine.

Thanks for the tag - this was fun!

Darin Swanson said...

I feel bad as a humble Canadian not adding any more Rush to the list...but here is my slighted modified version: list

darin said...

hey Brian I hope things are fine... youth ministry is crazy in the summer time!
I just wanted to mark my number one
You Never Let Go by Matt Redman

good stuff.

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