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A live body is not one that never gets hurt, but one that can to some extent repair itself. In the same way a Christian is not a man who never goes wrong, but a man who is enabled to repent and pick himself up and begin over again after each stumble--because the Christ-life is inside him, repairing him all the time, enabling him to repeat (in some degree) the kind of voluntary death that Christ Himself carried out.
- C.S. Lewis


Aaron Geist said...

Ah. I love a good Lewis quote. Just finished that book too!

ben said...

Thanks for sharing that! Reminds me of Psalm 51:17...a broken spirit and contrite heart he has yet to deny. That is the kind of offering he desires. Not perfect lives, but lives surrendered to Him.

Thanks for the comment, too. Oregon is amazing. I moved here in May 06 and just made it through my first (depressing) OR winter. But the spring & summer totally make up for it. Unquestionably.

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