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I along with a number of other bloggers have recently formed the new Christian Bloggers Network. If you like reading interesting blogs and have some time on your hands, here is the list of blogs in our network.

In case you are thinking I have way too much time on my hands, let me say that I have not looked at most of the blogs listed here, and am unable to give them my full endorsement. I can't imagine having that kind of time. Happy reading. I hope they are worth you time!

If you would like to join the network contact Mark Kelly.


Darins said...

Way toooo much time on your hands if you can keep up with all these blogs :-)

Brian Eberly said...

You're not kidding! I can't and don't keep up with all those blogs. Most of them I have never looked at. They are simply all the blogs represented in the network.

I can't imagine that that kind of time; don't even think I want that kind of free time!

rindy said...

thanks for the list. I would love to be included. E read many of the ones listed and am looking forward to checking out some more! thanks!

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