Beautiful Again

Each Spring I am reminded of how God is the master of taking what seems dark, cold, and ugly, and turning it into something light, warm and beautiful. I enjoy and appreciate the changing of the seasons. Living in Southern California that was something I did not see much of. Living in Oregon it is undeniable. With Spring comes a wondrous renewed since of hope.

The changing seasons is a beautiful picture of the cycles of life that God allows us to experience and how as we journey through them, and seek Him in them, He grants us hope and makes all things beautiful.

I am reminded of Romans 5:2-5. We find hope in God when we emerge from the difficult seasons of life.

Listen to this David Crowder song and enjoy the accompanying images. Allow it to move your heart, and remind you that God, our Father, makes all things beautiful again.


Matt Singley said...

Hey Brian...just came upon your blog tonight. The Crowder video is sweet, thanks. A great end to my day.

I'm subscribe through Google Reader, I'm looking forward to your thoughts.

BTW...I'm just down the road from you apparently, on Hwy 26 on Cornell Road. We're practically neighbors!

Brian Eberly said...

Thanks for reading Matt. Cool that we are "neighbors." Are you in Hillsboro?

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