Mind of A Middle Schooler II

Last night at the Danger Zone, our Middle School midweek gathering, AJ asked our middle schoolers to write out the things they were thankful to God for. How cool to see what is on their hearts. Here is some of what they wrote...

• I’m thankful for a home and great family.

• I am thankful for family and food, a home, pets, school and my family being together.

•I love to walk in the rain because no one knows I’m crying…tears of joy! I love the sun that shines…But God’s glory shines brighter!

•I will not stand by for battles to be won
And no more I’ll hold my tongue
I hear of things that make my stomach churn
And now we have to reverse the world’s turn

• Courage to speak and do God’s will

• A song—
I cry you cry too Lord,
I’m happy you’re happy too
I love the way you love me
You love the way I love you
Unchanging Lord

• His beautiful creation never stops amazing me, from people’s gifts to a field of sunflowers. I’m always amazed by his artwork.

• Thank you for providing an alternative to hell. Hell sounds like it sucks.

• Thank you for my Basketball talent and Gatorade.

• Thank you for the freedom we have in you—
Thank you for desiring our fellowship
Thank you for holding out your arms to us—
Thank you for the gifts of people in our lives

• Thank you for the great food that you provide for me because I know that many people don’t get it.

I'm sure thankful for middle schoolers that are loving and seeking after God. What are you most thankful for?


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