Bono Preaches

I guess I will stay with the music theme I started with my last post, although this one really has little to do with music. U2 vocalist Bono, recently accepted the NACCP's Chairman's Award. His acceptance speech is one that should be heard in the pulpits across our land.

"God, my friends, is with the poor and God is with us if we are with them."

HT to Andrew Jones


Greg Burch said...

Brian, I just put this on my blog today as well. So cool that you have it here too. It is really an amazing speech. Does Bono preach it, or what? If I could, I would play this at church tomorrow and say, "go and do like wise." Greg

Brian Eberly said...

I was happy to see it on your blog as well Greg. That was one passionate speech! If we all had that kind of passion, just think what the world would be like!

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