Power of A Vision

If you have been reading my blog over the last year, I am sure it has become increasingly obvious, that the Lord has been growing my heart for the poor of this world. There are 2,000 references to the poor within the pages of Scripture alone. It is obvious that the poor and the needy are close to the heart of God. I have seen that more this year, than ever before.

It has not only been me that God has been working on, but also our church and more specifically our students. Over the last year our students have responded in more ways to the world's poor than in any other year I have been with them. Today's students are truly a generation that desires to see poverty and injustice wiped out. They as a generation are perhaps more motivated to make a difference in this world, than any other we have seen before. In the last year I have seen greater levels of financial giving, as well as giving of time, gifts, and talents. God has placed a vision in front of them for loving the needy in our world and they have gone after it.

We have just completed our 30 Hour Famine. Most all of the money has now come in. As they say... "numbers don't lie." Here are the numbers from past years as well as what we have collected this year; a clear example of the power of a vision.

2001 - $2,840.19
2004 - $3,184.39
2005 - $2,204.00
2006 - $4,268.49
2007 - $6,050.50

It is my prayer that this generation continue to seek the heart of God, and be a model for both generations past, as well as generations to come. May we as God's people never forget, He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. (Proverbs 14:31)


ben said...

Awesome stuff. That is encouraging to read about.

My students are also beginning to have their eyes opened to the poor. It is exciting to see it happen. God is good.

solo dei gloria

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