More Jesus

The highlight of my job as a Pastor to Students is to see students decide for themselves that they desire a relationship with Jesus, not because their parents desire it, but because they want it. To night I witnessed something as a parent that rates right up there in my book.

Part of our bedtime routine with our two year old Benny is to read a book or two, and then sing to him. He loves to be sung to, especially songs about Jesus. To night after each song he adamantly declared, "I want more Jesus!" If that doesn't do a parent's heart good, I'm not sure what will.

He of course doesn't have a full understanding of who Jesus is, but he does know that He is someone special, and I love the fact that he wants MORE!

May that be the desire of each of us!


Rodney Olsen said...

What a wonderful thing to come from the mouth of one so young.

Singing to our kids can bring some unexpected moments.

You can read here about one of my most precious memories.

Jon & Chris said...

It's a bit off-topic, but I think Benny has your eyes.

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