What Would Jesus Have?

I just received an email from Beliefnet.Com. Why I received it I have no idea, but then again how is it that our inboxes get so clogged up with unsolicitated email anyway? Anyway the email shares the results of a recent poll they conducted.

Here it is...


In a New Beliefnet.Com Online Poll, 55% Vote That Jesus Wouldn’t Even Own an iPod

New York, NY – January 9, 2006 — Beliefnet, Inc., the leading multi-faith spirituality media company and online community, today announced the results of their online survey on “What Would Jesus Have on his iPod?” More than 55% of those polled voted that Jesus wouldn’t even own an iPod-- proving that even the “Digital Messiah,” Steve Jobs still has room for further converts.

The following is the complete poll results:

What would Jesus have on his iPod?

• Classic Rock - 11%

• Traditional Gospel - 7%

• Christian Rock - 13%

• Hip-Hop/ Rap - 3%

• Soul/ Funk - 4%

• Songs of King David - 11%

• Jesus would never have an iPod! - 55%

So you want to weigh in? What do you think Jesus would have on His iPod, if of course He had one.

I wonder what kind of iPod Jesus would even have?

Maybe He would have the iBelieve, the new iPod Shuffle cross cap. I kind of doubt it!


Zac Wheeler said...

What else would He do while walking those dusty roads? He would have the video iPod and He would watch TBN on it.

The Thief said...

I personally don't think he'd have an iPod -- if he was going to have an mp3 player, he'd probably have a less expensive off-brand.

And, of course, he'd be listening to the Allman Brothers Band, Johnny Staats Project, the Violet Burning, the Prayer Chain, B.B.King, and Sufjan Stevens!!!


Sarah said...

maybe the u2 version

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