Rez Band

Sarah Budd asked the other day on her blog if anyone knew of any heavy metal songs that dealt with social justice. Apparently a prof of her's said that they do not exist. That of course got me thinking, and thinking about one of my all time favorite bands...Resurrection Band, also called Rez Band.

They are a hard rock/metal/blues band and were in their prime in the 80s and early 90s. Much of their material dealt with homelessness, racism, AIDS, and the plight of the needy in general. Their discography includes 20 albums!

What I like so much about them is they are a band that lives out their message. They are part of a community in the inner city of Chicago called Jesus People USA (JPUSA), a community committed to the needs of the poor, abused, and needy. They are a people that are committed to living out the mandate of Jesus in Matthew 25 in which Jesus instructs us to minister to the needy. Prior to college I even considered being a part of the minitry of JPUSA.

Rez Band and JPUSA are also the force behind the Conrnerstone Festival, one of the largest music/ministry festivals in the country. It is held each summer in both Illinois and Florida. If there was ever a festival I wanted to go to, this is the one!

Are their any other Rez Band fans out there? What were some of your favorite bands/artists during the 80's and 90s?


redheadmama23 said...

Hi! I've actually been to JPUSA's big church gathering; it's pretty wild, to say the least. I went to college in Chicago and hung out quite a bit down there with all the JPUSA folks; I got to meet Rez Band and sat in the front row of a concert they did.

Callie said...

ah. i would die to go to Cornerstone.
if only i could drive.


OORANOS said...

Have a good time

The Thief said...

I took a group of jr high kids to JPUSA for a service project while we were doing the 30Hour Famine one year. Wild place.

I used to love Rez Band.

In response to your question about 80s and 90s, lets see... on one hand there were Stryper, Whiteheart, Petra, Deliverance, Bride, etc. and on the other there were Crashdog, Nobody Special, DA, Steve Taylor, Undercover, One Bad Pig, the Prayer Chain, the Violet Burning...

Need I continue?

Brian Eberly said...

Oh man....what a great list!! I listened to almost all of those bands, still do sometimes!

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