30 Hour Famine

Each February our ministry particiaptes in the World Vision sponsored 30 Hour Famine. Each year it proves to be a very strategic event in the lives of our students both personally and corporately as a group.

The needs of the world are so great and it is a priviledge to be used of God to help meet them. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the need and think there is nothing we can do, but there is.

Hunger in the world truly is a world crisis that sadly is overlooked by the popular media. Tragic events such as 9/11 to the tsunami in South Asia receive great attention and rightfully so, but there is so much more to be concerned about.

Did you know that hunger, disease and poverty are killing 29,000 children every day? - more than the tsunami every week! That is 10,585,000 last year alone! 20 people dead every single minute.

The annual death toll is more than 30 times higher than from the South Asia tsunami and 9/11 combined! It is time that this crisis gets the attention it needs. That is why we partner with World Vision each year.

We as a ministry will go hungry for 30 hours to experience hunger, albeit in a very small way. We will also spend time serving our community; this year at Northwest Children's Outreach. We will as well spend time considering this great need and how we might respond. Each participant is also raising money through pledges.

I have a great deal of respect for World Vision and have been partnering with them for well over 10 years. They are a very responsible organiztion committed to making a difference in the world.

Our famine will take place this year February 24-25. I would love to have you join us in this effort. If you would like to support us financially it would be welcomed! Any amount will help and will make a difference. If you feel the Lord leading you in this way please either email me or indicate your desire and commitment to join with us in the comment section of this post. Your giving will be tax deductable and a donation receipt will be provided. Your prayer is also very valued.

As our famine dates get closer I will post more. You can see pictures of last year's famine here.


Joanne said...

We did this back when we were in high school!

The Thief said...

30HF was one of the top things we did as a youth ministry the last few years. Last year was kinda cool when TV reporters came in and interviewed us and that night we got to watch ourselves on the news. But when you think about it, that every 3 seconds a child dies from hunger-related causes, just count that off...

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