No More Helmet

We got the word yesterday that the helmet is out of here! Since September 19th Benny has had to wear a helmet to correct the flat spot on the back of his head. See all my past reports here.

Yesterday we got the good word that we are done! He will just need to wear it when he sleeps for a little while longer, but no longer during the day! We are so happy!

Going from this

To this
Makes one happy boy!


Aaron Geist said...


Joanne said...


The Thief said...

Makes a happy dad, too!

Brian Eberly said...

That it does!!

Jon & Chris Steele said...

Wow, that is such a distinct difference! Hooray for helmet-free living.

Anonymous said...

Ben is TOOO cute!!! He is the cutest boy I have ever seen!!

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