Life As Worship

(Link Now fixed. For those that tried unsuccessfully to listen to my message on Tuesday, it is now fixed. Sorry for the inconvience.)

Here is the audio of the message I preached on Sunday, January 1. It is entitled, "Life As Worship."

This message may also be found at my new Audio Messages page, along with other messages that I have preached.

You will also notice a link to this page on the side bar of this blog under Sites Worth Your Time.


KC said...

I'm guessing it was Youth Pastor Sunday this past SUnday???? I told the congregation that means about every 5-7 years I have a guarenteed preaching day and the senior gets the day off,they laughed...hehe

Brian Eberly said...

HA! HA! It must have been!

I watched the video of your sermon. Very good!

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