New Tribes Expulsion

Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, has just recently ordered the expulsion of all New Tribes Missionaries working with the indigenous tribes in his country.

Please pray for those missionaries that have given their lives to loving the people of Venezuela. Pray for a change of heart within the Venezuelan govenment. As seen on the New Tribes web site, President Chavez has not yet signed the pronouncement that would order the eviction of NTM from Venezuela, and NTM has received no communication from the Venezuelan government. Pray that they would not.

On September 4 I wrote about the great damage Pat Robertsons' ill-thought through words had on those ministering in Venezuala. Could this be the continuing fallout?

Below is a United Press International Article.

Chavez to expel U.S. missionary group
Oct 13, 2005, 19:00 GMT

CARACAS, Venezuela (UPI) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has announced that he will expel the U.S. Christian missionary group New Tribes Mission for being 'imperialists.'
Speaking Wednesday at a ceremony to present land titles and farming equipment to members of the indigenous population, the leftist leader said, 'This is an irreversible decision that I have made. We don`t want the New Tribes here. Enough colonialism!'
The BBC said Caracas views U.S. evangelicals as part of a Washington conspiracy to overthrow Chavez, whose regional influence is growing thanks to massive oil revenues.
New Tribes Mission, which has its international headquarters in Florida, preaches to non-Christian indigenous peoples in 17 countries. The group had no immediate comment to Chavez`s remarks, the BBC reported.
Chavez accused the missionaries of flying in and out of the country without proper permission, and of building luxurious camps for themselves alongside poverty-stricken villages.
He said he had yet to sign the expulsion order and was giving the missionaries time to 'gather their stuff.'


Aaron Geist said...

Aaarrggghhh! I wish that the body of Christ wouldn't be self damaging. But such is life. You know, this is the sort of thing that could give Conservative Christians a bad rap. ;) Seriously though, much prayer is needed. New Tribes has done some amazing things, and I'm sure that God will continue to bless them.

Brian Eberly said...

Yes He will!

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