Why do we say the things we do? All too often we speak before we think. I know for me this has got me in trouble more times than I care to think about!

It is interesting to me that as it says in James, with our mouths (tongues) we can praise or Father in heaven, and almost in the same breath use our words to inflict great damage, either on a person or even the work of God.

I received the following from a good friend of mine who has been a missionary in Venezuala for a number of years. It is heartbreaking.....

"As many of you know and heard about this past month, a famous televangelist, Pat Robertson of the Christian Broadcasting Network made a public announcement stating that the U.S. should assassinate President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. While he did apologize for parts of his statement, his misspoken error has brought the spotlight onto missionaries in Venezuela. The Venezuelan government has temporarily suspended missionary visas into Venezuela. This affects many people trying to get into Venezuela as missionaries and may possibly have even deeper consequences for the missionary engagement within this country. Pray for the missionaries in Venezuela and for those associated with U.S. missions. “Out of the same mouth proceed blessings and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be so” (James 3:10)."

Let us watch what we say. The words of this Christian man inflicted great damage to the cause of Christ, especially in Venezuala. Pray for those who are called to minister to the people of Venezuala, that God would provide a way for them to do so.

Pray also that we as God's children would be careful how we use our tongues.

Let's use them for His glory!


Jon Knapp said...

I think we often forget the power that our words hold . . . no matter who we are. That is truly a tragic story. I will pray for your missionary friends, and the country. This a good call for me to remember to be careful with my tongue. Thanks.

BTW, I am excited to have you a part of the blogging world! Welcome Brian.

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