An Unstoppable Force

My title borrows from the title of a fabulous book by the same name, "An Unstoppable Force" by Erwin McManus. A book dealing with the church, and when lived out in a biblical way, truly is a force that is unstoppable.

This title comes to mind as I think of my message to my middle school students yesterday. My message came from of Acts 12.

Let me summarize it for you.

•King Herod is on a big ego trip and wants to please the jews so he goes on a Christian killing rampage.
•King Herod imprisons Peter, I'm sure with the intent to put him to death as well.
•The Church prays earnestly for Peter.
•God busts Peter out of jail.
•Peter appears to the church, much to their surprise.
•King Herod is ticked off, and has his guards killed.
•King Herod continues in his ego trip and refuses to give God credit and glory.
•King Herod is struck down by God, eaten by worms, and dies.

And then....Acts 12:24, "But the word of God continued to increase and spread." Yes!

When God's people are seeking Him, trusting Him, and abiding in Him, even admidst trying times, the word of God will continue to march on!

God is the unstoppable force and we are the force that He desires to use.


Aaron Geist said...

Let us not loose that attitude.

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