Helmet Report

Well yesterday was Benny's first helmet check-in appointment.

We had been noticing for the last few days a little spot on his forehead where his helmet was rubbing his skin a little raw, and the doctor ended up being more concerned about that, and solving that problem, then measuring his head to chart any progress. So he altered the helmet a little bit and told us to keep it off for a day to let the little spot heal, and scheduled our next appointment for October 14.

All that to say, he didn't even check for any progess. I guess it really is pretty early on, but hey... we're eager to see how well it is working, and I guess are hoping to hear, "it looks like it might not take as long as we had origianally thought."

So Benny got a break from his helmet yesterday. It goes back on today, but hey, at least he is now supporting a worthy and good cause with it....


Jon & Chris Steele said...

YES! Oh, how I miss In-N-Out!

Brian Eberly said...

Oh don't we all! I'm going to California this week though!!! YES!

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