Is It True?

Yes it is.

Yes it is true that my little girl continues to grow into a beautiful young lady. I wish she would stop. Not the beautiful part; she's always been beautiful. I mean the growing part!

Not really, I just miss my "little girl." I am very proud of her and enjoy watching her grow in new areas of life. I am learning more and more how important it is to "enjoy every moment." Children grow up very fast. If you aren't watching and enjoying you will miss it.

This weekend was a milestone.....the first Homecoming Dance!

Is it true? Yes!

Come on with it.


Jon & Chris Steele said...


Greg Wygle said...

Wait'll she comes in and says, "Dad I'm quitting my job and moving to Seattle"...Oh, wait, that's my daughter.

Greg Wygle said...

At this time in her life there is one of three things you, as a loving father, can do:
1. Every time she leaves the house cover her in prayers (and three pairs of coveralls).
2. Every time she leaves the house...go with her.
3. Get her a dog, who will be her constant companion, trained to sniff out and destroy teenage male hormones.
This will get you thourgh the next six years or which time you need to start looking at convents in your area.

Brian Eberly said...

I am forever indebted to you! Such words of wisdom from a man that knows!

Angelina said...

My vote's for the convent.

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