I Need

Saw this funny Google idea here, so had to try myself. Go to Google and type your name and the word ‘needs’, in quotes — as in “Brian needs". Notice the first few sentences that come up. Here’s what I got:

Brian needs food badly.
Brian needs to communicate more effectively and stop being negative.
Brian needs assistance.
Brian needs to do a Gospel CD.
Brian needs both money and a job.
Brian needs to explain why he believes God intervened.
Brian needs to anticipate what questions might be asked about his work.
Brian needs to guard against responding.
What Brian needs to learn is that those life changing experiences don't stop.

What do you need?


Aaron Geist said...

Aaron Needs a Tracheostomy

Aaron needs to learn how to count

Aaron - needs to make a career change and need to pray for her daughter's and exhusband's relationship.

Aaron needs to trust his stuff and pound the strike zone.

Aaron needs to know how to capitalise (sic) on his strengths.

Aaron needs to loose [sic] some weight in this pic.

alison geist said...

Um, Brian you should type in "alison needs" and read the first two sites.
My favorite appropriate ones are:

Alison's needs can be easily met in our 1/2 day Kindergarten program.

Alison needs to authorize "the block."

Alison needs good social and communication skills to make it through the day.

kelly said...

(every webiste i looked up seemed to eathier 1. talking about a dog 2.referring to kelly clarckson)

kelly needs patience

kelly needs help

Kelly needs to reedeem herself eversince "since you been gone"

Kelly needs to put on 15 lbs. of body muscle

Kelly needs to sing her heart out on Tuesday

and my all time fav

Kelly needs
to know that through it all she does have die hard fans

Brian Eberly said...

And I am one of them Kelly!

kelly said...

why thank u pastor brian

Jon & Chris Steele said...

Yeah, most of mine were inappropriate. Apparently there is a p. star named Chris somewhere in the world...there is also a semi-famous BBC radio personality actually named Chris Needs.
Chris needs a family that can support him.
Chris needs to be nagged to do the boring stuff.
Chris needs help from time to time.
Chris needs a makeover.
Chris needs feeding.
Chris needs 7 hours of labor to produce one pound of muffins.

Angelina said...

ANGIE needs an AGENT to become an ACTRESS

Angie needs a family who will access and work with a therapist

Angie needs to correct her eye problem

Angie needs to be nurtured

Angie needs the support of her friends the most

Angie needs to start learning to defend herself

and a favorite:

Angie needs that abnormally thick facial hair

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