God Intends For Good

When I think about what is happening in Venezuela along with other situations in which one may conclude that a certain situation is hopless, I am reminded once again that nothing catches God by surprise. As cliche as it may sound....God is in control.

I am reminded of the "Genesis 50:20 principle". In Genesis 50 we read of Joseph's brothers coming before him to seek forgiveness for what they had done to him. Joseph's response is wonderful! He says, "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives."

I believe we often give Satan too much credit. It's too easy to blame every "bad" incident or situation on Satan. Perhaps Satan had a hand in things, but God is in control. What Satan may intend as harm, God can take and accomplish great good!

I believe that God can turn what Hugo Chavez is doing into great good. Let's pray that is exactly what happens.

God wins.


Aaron Geist said...

Something that one of my profs. says is that God is always the hero in the story. God wins.

Victória said...

Hi Brian
I think you´ve visited my blog, if my webstats are right...
I´d like to thank you, and be welcome anytime you want!
I´m also a christian and I liked your texts very much!
God wins.

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