Middle School Fall Retreat

Tomorrow we head off on our 6th annual MS Fall Retreat at Camp Tadmor. This retreat is definitely a highlight of our ministry year.

As always the weekend will consist of The Great Lake Race a race in which teams compete with each other by running all the way around the lake stopping at various stations to complete different/crazy tasks before progressing on to the next station. This year's station events will be Drain the Lake, Flash Flood Relay, Dizzy Basketball, Gloves & Gum, Paper Airplane Throw, Undignified, and the Banana Eat. Wow...don't you wish you were going to be a part of the fun?

Of course the retreat would not be complete without our infamous Night Games. We play different versions of the standard Capture the Flag, but in complete cover of night in the woods with glow sticks! Fun times!

This year we are priviledged to have Pastor Steve as our speaker. He will be sharing with the students how to make the most of their youth group and teenage experience.

All this along with the 70 foot rope swing, great worship, great food, at an awesome location, all stacks up for one amazing weekend!

See all of last's year's fun at MS Fall Retreat 2004.

Man I love my job!


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