Learning To Read

Today I was at The Core with my youth ministry staff. It was a great training event put on by Youth Specialites The training was centered on ministering to hurting kids. I have given my life to ministering to students such as this. Even more important to me though is ministering to and training up my own children.

Recently Robin and I have been working with Benny at learning the alphabet. He now knows all the letters. He knows them by sight and by sound. We have been wondering when he would attempt to sound out his first word.

As I was sitting in one of the sessions this morning I receive the following voicemail from Robin.

"Hi hon. I just had to share with you that Benny sounded out his first word today. He was looking at your Starbucks book on the coffee table and he sounded out the word coffee." Can't think of a better first word!

Makes me think of the words found in Proverbs 22:6, "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."

That's my boy!


Jon & Chris said...

I agree--that's a perfect first word! And what an early reader!!

Tim said...

How was it? My staff and I are going this weekend.

Brian Eberly said...
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Brian Eberly said...

The training day was great Tim. It was a lot of information and will require some time to digest it all. It was good to have most of my team there as it left us with a lot of good ideas and points of ongoing discussion.

Yesterday we had a great debrief time, applying the information to our specific students.

The day really seemed to re-emphasize what we know to be true; that is it is being present in the lives of kids that is of most importance. They will remember for years to come the times we spent with them, caring for them, far more than they will ever remember the wonderful series of messages we presented.

We also came away with some very good practical resources in dealing with hurting kids.

lisa Seifen said...

Wow! What an early reader he'll be! That's pretty amazing! You should be proud!

Brian Eberly said...

Proud we are!

He as a fun video ("Letter Factory") that he loves to watch. It just drills it all in.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, good old Leap and his letter factory! We've got em' too!

lisa Seifen said...

that was me above, not anonymous!

muzik said...

coffee.... YUCK!!!!!

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