Make Poverty History

Last Wednesday night on American Idol, 30 million people were introduced to the One Campaign. Since then 74,329 Americans have signed on with One to join the fight against extreme poverty. The goal is to have 100,000 signed on by next Wednesday. Might you be the next?

Go to the One Campaign web site to join in and take a stand for those who desperately need your help. Sign on and then do something. For ideas on what you might do, see the two posts I wrote in February on what can be done, Act and Do Something .

We have been blessed with so much. It is God's expectation of us to be a blessing to others. It sure worked here.


muzik said...

Jack Black was stinkin' AWESOME!!!! I wonder if he knew Seal was in the crowd. My wife and I might sign up. She tred to donate but coulld not get through on the lines.

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