Chocolate Justice

Several weeks ago my friend Jon Knapp preached a message entitled "Called To Justice." He spoke on how justice is at the center of God's heart and how it's His desire for us, His people, to be seekers and defenders of justice. We were challenged to looked for ways in which our lives may even contribute to the injustices of the world. Hear it here.

My friend Greg has just written about how half of the world's choclate is comes from Corte D’Ivoire, in Africa, where children are forced to harvest the cocoa beans. According to Stop The Traffik, 12,000 children have been trafficked into cocoa growing areas to harvest the cocoa beans.

I immediately went to see where my beloved 1 lb. bar of Trader Joe's chocolate was produced. Unfortunately I was unable to tell, other than it came from Belguim.

To guarantee the chocolate you are eating is “trafficked free,” check out Stop The Traffik Chocolate Campaign for a listing of companies that are dedicated to producing chocolate that is not harvested by enslaved children.


Greg said...

Brian, Trader Joes actually sells a few “fair trade” chocolate bars. I would, 1) check with them to find out which bars are “fair trade” and 2) encourage them to buy chocolate that comes from companies who have agreed to sell only “trafficked free” chocolate. Hope the fam is doing well! Greg

Doug Jones said...

A great chocolate that is fair trade...

That we would be just in our trade practices. My hope and prayer is that the church will become more conscious of this need to be globally minded.

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