Outside In

As a pastor I often find myself trying to view our church through the eyes of a guest. From the outside in, if you will. I ask myself how does an unchurched person view the things we do? What are their thoughts and fears as they approach our worship services? Do they feel welcomed? Do they feel comfortable with us? We want everyone to feel welcomed and a part of our church family. Sometimes it doesn't happen that way.

It's important to always be asking these questions. Approaching a new church can be a scary proposition. This is especially true for a person unfamiliar with the people of a particular church, or the ethos of that church. Breaking in from the outside is not always an easy thing. We as the Church must do all we can to eliminate the barriers.

Do you see any changes that the Church could make to help people feel more welcomed? If you are not a regular attender of a church, what is your view of the church? What can be done to make it more inviting?

I welcome your comments.

HT to Tony Myles for the video.


Aaron Geist said...

Personally, I'd like to see more urine samples for random drug tests.

Matt Singley said...

Yeah, bring on the urine samples!That's a pretty good vid! Nice find.

muzik said...

Do I have urine?

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