April Fools

You've just got to love Google! They know how to have fun. Especially on April Fools Day! Check this out. Be sure to click on the "Get Started With Google TiSp" link.

I was able to pull off a pretty good April Fool's Day joke as well this year .... on our entire church for the matter. I got to preach yesterday and had a little fun with my introduction! Click here to hear it. I wish you could have enjoyed the view I had from the stage!


Anonymous said...

I was momentarily mortified, as my dear friend Robin had told me long before last Friday that you would be preaching that day! I looked at Brad and said, "Oh my gosh, that's a total lie!!!!" Then I got my wits about me and remembered that I had just pulled off a pretty good "lie" myself to Drew on the way to church, in the name of April Fools' Day! I was then able to keep that great respect for ya, Reverend! You rock! And it was a great message, very good timing for Brad and I! Thanks man! And glory to God!

Michelle C

Brian Eberly said...

I'm glad I "got ya" Michelle. I got to tell you, it felt quite weird "lying" from the stage! Very fun though and all for a good cause!

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm not sure about the "Reverend" part though.

Glory to God!

Jon & Chris said...


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