Change In The Church

Change is not always easy. It is easier for some than others. I for one enjoy and embrace it. I have never been one to get stuck in a rut. I enjoy discovering new ways of doing things, and new ways to be more efficient and effective. This is particularity true in my ministry.

I have been ministering to students for nearly 22 years. I have seen much change, both in youth ministry as well as overall church ministry. Change is necessary. Change is good. Change is difficult. Sometimes it is a battle. Twenty years ago the church was at a place of transition. We were discovering that worship services consisting of hymns, organs, and choirs, were not connecting with younger generations. In many churches it was a real struggle and battle as guitars and drums were brought in, and organs and choir robes were ushered out. It was a necessary change and it was a good change, yet it was difficult for many. The church is now facing a new time of transition.

Today's emerging generations are not connecting well with our modern contemporary format. We are at a place where change is once again necessary. Today's emerging generation have grown up in a different world than those that came before them. They have different values, different learning styles, and different ways of relating to one another. They are much more interested in things like community, and interaction with both worship and teaching. They are less interested in lecture and more interested in dialog. They are less interested in dressing to impress and more interested in just being themselves. They are less interested in being a passive participant in a worship service and more interested in being actively engaged and involved. The question the church is now facing is what do we do to effectively connect with and minister to this new generation. Change needs to happen. These are the very issues we at our church are currently wrestling with.

It is my hope and my prayer that it not be similar to the battle that previous generations faced. May it not be a power struggle, but rather a move made in love. Today there is a proliferation of church plants. Many have found it easier to start fresh than attempt to try and turn the ship around. There is a place for that. Others are looking at ways to effectively reach emerging generations within their current context. That is where we, The Grace Place, are at.

May it not be a battle. May we as a church grow in love and understanding, and learn to embrace all generations and the changes needed to effectively minister to each of them. Conversely may today's younger generation be able to change and freely adapt when my two year old's generation comes of age.

Community Christian Church as produced two more of their Mac parody videos which illustrate some of these issues.


Pastor Bruce Butler said...

Hi, Brian. I'm Bruce, a pastor from Southern California. I stumbled across your blog today and this entry struck me so much that I linked to it on my own blog post today, God bless you.

Brian Eberly said...

Thanks for reading Bruce and for the link on your blog.

May God bless you and your ministry as you faithfully seek after Him and His will...even when that requires change.

muzik said...

Hey thats a good article Brian... I think there are those who will plant because it is easier.. but I pray to God there are those who can call out "hard to starboard!!!" and turn the ship around.

Anonymous said...

i like those videos Brian...where did you get them? It probably said on the video but i wasn't watching the fine print...

Brian Eberly said...

Darin the videos were produced by Community Christian Church in Illinois (

Very creative. Very poignant.

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