I am thankful to be in my office this morning! I am always thankful to come to work, because I love what I do. I love the ministry God has given me.

Today I am just thankful to be here. Let me explain.

During breakfast this morning I flipped on the TV to catch the news and weather report. Scrolling across the bottom of the screen were school late start announcements. There weren't very many, but Sherwood was one of them! Due to freezing road conditions schools were starting two hours late this morning! I thought, that's strange, as everything looked ok to me when I looked out the window. Well let me tell you...they knew what they were talking about!

As Brittnie and I headed out at 7:00 to get her to school, it all made sense. It was slick, and in my estimation, pretty trecherous! It was a slow, slow drive out of our neighborhood. Even the main highway was slow and slippery. As I approached Roy Rogers Rd. the country road that I take to get over to the side of town in which Brittnie's school is, I was trying to decide if I should take it or go a completely different route. Roy Rogers Rd. is definitely the quickest route, and the road I take every morning. As I approached the intersection that I would need to trun at, I was debating over and over in my mind whether I should turn. I figured it would be a pretty slick route as it goes through an area that the fog just seems to collect in, and it was the fog that was freezing to the road.

Just as I got to the intersection, I decided not to turn, and take another route all together. Good choice. I continued on straight on Hwy 99 and within a mile the roads were perfectly clear! It was smooth sailing all the way to school. Thankful, we were.

The exciting part to all this, and what I am thankful for, is as soon as I dropped Brittnie off at school I flipped the radio over to the news (can't listien to that with Brittnie, she only wants music) and heard the traffic report. The big story was Roy Rogers Rd.! Apparently it was extremely icy and trecherous, so much so, that the sanding trucks were even having a hard time keeping it clear! They also reported numerous accidents along the road.

I'm certainly not thankful for the numerous accidents, but I am sure thankful that God kept me from turning left on to Roy Rogers Rd. like I have always done!

I just love it when God does stuff like that! Thank you Lord!


Joanne said...

I'm thankful you made it to work also and God helped you make the right choice

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