Price for Hip

Perhaps this is taking Pauls admonition to become all things to all people a little too far.

Taken from Lark News, a Christian satire site, meaning it's not true....

Hip Youth Pastor Now Completely Unintelligible

AUSTIN — After immersing himself in popular slang phrases, youth leader Dave Jackson has become completely unintelligible to members of his church, even the youth.

"We stopped understanding him about a month ago," says Tanya Gooden, 17, of his youth group. "It was a slow process. Now when he preaches we have to assume a lot of things by his tone, not his words."

Jackson, tracked down at his church office, told a reporter, "Fo shizzle, my nizzle, it's the big mack tizzle, you trackin'? The get-down was off the hook, bra. Big-time ace. Dey scened until the old folk rolled in and the crew got dot gone. Good Sunday, bra."

Jackson can no longer speak plain English even if he wishes to. At times he desperately tries to cross the chasm of incomprehension he has built. For senior pastor Rich Leonard, that's not good enough.

"He's about to shizzle himself right out of a job," Leonard says.


AJ said...

Wait. Lark News isn't real? That's been my only source of Christian news for the past year!

KC said...

That's historical! I can see it youth ministry book, "10 ways to loose your church youth ministry job...number 10, "Pretend you talk like snoop dawg!" (Not there is anything wrong with the dawg man!)

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