Church Signs

Church signs have always intrigued me. You know, the ones that have the reader board on them that allow for the message to be changed. At my previous church I was the Pastor of Signs & Wonders, meaning I was the pastor that wondered what went on the church sign!

I must confess, I think most church signs are really pretty bad. Rarely do I see one that I think will really have any kind of significant impact on the community at large.

Anyways I was driving around town this morning and I came across this one.

Any guesses as to what the message will be about this Sunday?


Aaron Geist said...

I know the feeling. Once I saw a sign that said during the summer, "Getting to hot? Try prayer conditioning." the people that don't know Christ see the sign and laugh and then come to church? Or do they see it, and keep on driving?

Sarah said...

i'm confused - are you thinking they should have included what the message would be about? or are you wondering if the message is about 'abba java'? if the latter is the case i can clear that up for you - a friend goes there and that's what they call their coffee shop/hangout time.

Brian Eberly said...

Interesting! I thought maybe the message title was Abba Java, and thought what an interesting title, I wonder what that will be about.

As you know....I am ALL about the coffee! That is a pretty cool name for their coffee shop!

Thanks for the clarification Sarah!

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