Spend Less Give More

If the number of "Advent" Google searches leading to my blog right now are any indicator, I would say that it is safe to say, people are beginning to think Christmas. Christmas is nearly two and a half months away, but it's not too soon to consider how you will celebrate it. How is the operative word.

Last year our family did Christmas very differently. It was wonderful. Instead of spending a bunch of money on one another, we spent it on Jesus. In following the teaching of Jesus found in Matthew 25, we gave birthday gifts to Him, not us. Made sense. After all, it is His birthday!

Some of my reflections on our Christmas last year can be found here and here.

I love the spirit of the Advent Conspiracy.

What would happen if this year ... you spent less and yet gave more? What if this year you celebrated the birth of Christ with gifts for Christ.


Brian Burman said...

This is a challenging concept which our whole church is being invited to participate in this year. Our hope is that it is not only a Christmas "thing" but a year round way of living. Great thoughts Brian!

Aaron Geist said...

You know, maybe this will be the year that Americans are forced to look at gift giving in a new light.

Jenni Clayville said...

HEY!!! I just blogged about this too. Our family is totally with you on this :)

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