NYWC Reflections

Aaron and I just returned from the National Youth Workers Convention in Sacramento and I hardly know where to begin in sharing all that took place. I fully intended on blogging, and even promised Marko that I would, but due the lack of free wi-fi it never really happened. Sorry dude. When I did have wi-fi access I was in the convention hall, live blogging like a mad-dog.

Live Blogging

I was honored to be asked to be one of the four live bloggers at the event. I along with Adam, Tim and Sandy, all had a blast being the first to ever live blog the convention. It was an experiment, and one that went well. So cool to be able to report on all that was happening and share with the well over 100 people that were always online while our live blogging window was live. It was rewarding as well to receive so much appreciation from those that wanted to be there, but were only able to join via the live blog.

It's comments like this, that made it all worth it.

I want to thank you for sharing this with us. I wish I could have been there. I know it was always a blessing to me when I was a youth and family minister. I appreciate your ministry and all you do for our young people. You are making such a kingdom difference.

All that was blogged during the General Sessions and several seminars can still be viewed here. It's filled with lots of great commentary, pictures, video, and audio. I look forward to following all the live blogging that takes place in Pittsburgh and Nashville.


The worship over the weekend was off the charts incredible. There something just plain awesome about joining with over 2,000 other youth workers who share the same heart, coming together in worship.

Our times of worship were only enhanced by the likes of Lincon Brewster, Starfield, and Shane and Shane. One thing I so appreciated about each of them, was their hearts. They were all very real guys, not superstars. They were guys that were sensitive to the Spirits leading, and worshipped right along side us. They were guys that also just enjoyed haning out and being a part of the action while not on stage. So cool.


I don't even know where to begin when it comes to the great times of teaching. What can one say after having the opportunity to hear from the likes of Shane Claiborne, Phylis Tickle, Bishop Sherwood Carthen, Mark Yaconelli, Tony Campolo, Mark Oestreicher, and more. I was stretched in my thinking and challenged in my lifestyle.

I was especially blessed being a part of the Veteran Cohort, a track of seminars all geared toward youth workers who have been in the trenches of youth ministry for 10 or more years. It was so good to sit with others, like me that have given their lives to serving students. It was both affirming in what I do, and confirming of the calling that I have received.


This year for me, was the year of networking. I had such a great time connecting with guys that I have known for sometime, but only knew via the "virtual world." One of the things I love most about blogging is the connections made; connections with like minded people all over the country and globe. This weekend afforded the opportunity to take those connections and relationships to a more real and personal level.

It was great sharing meals and hanging out with Adam McLane, Tim Schmoyer, Ben Kraker, Mike Giering, and others. All great brothers that love God and love students.

Of course the exhibit hall was fun, mostly because there was a live boa constrictor in there! I mean all the companies and resources that were displayed I either already know of, or can easily find, but how often do you get to hold a large bone crushing snake!

And lastly a trip to Sacramento would not be complete without a visit to the capital. I was hoping to see Arnold but I guess he wasn't in.

I came away refreshed, and recharged, as well as challenged in different areas of my life and ministry. Thank you Youth Specialites for once again for pulling off a top notch event!


lilkup said...

you did a great job liveblogging Brian. I really appreciated being able to get an inside glimpse into what was happening (even the emotions being felt). Thanks.

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