Bridgetown Ministries

Here's the new, very well done, promotional video for Bridgetown Ministries. Our church has been partnered with Bridgetown for several years and has seen God do an amazing work in and through the lives of many!

Read here about the middle school mission trip we did with Bridgetown a couple of years back . It was an amazing experience. We have also participated many times in Nightstrike, Bridgetown's ministry to the homeless beneath the Burnside Bridge .

If you want to experience ministry the way Jesus did, be a part of what God is doing with Bridgetown ministries. It will open your eyes and change your life.


preacherman said...

Wonderful post.
I wanted you to know brother that I enjoyed reading your blog and am going to be reading it on a regular basis. I have added it to my list of favs. Keep up the great job you do with this blog. I will be keeping you, your family and ministry in my prayers. May God bless your ministry in a powerful way!

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