A View From The Ride

One of my favorite things is worshiping with a group of people, especially our students. We have great worship in our two morning worship services, but there is always that constant tension of making sure the music connects with all the generations of our church; can't rock too hard or the older crowd may not like it, can't be too tame or the younger may not enjoy it. I think this is wise, and creates a valuable learning opportunity for showing grace toward others, and learning what it means to worship together in unity. Worship with our students though is a whole other matter.

We have a great worship team led by Aaron, and they know how to bring it! Occasionally I play bass myself. I love to worship with the raw youthful energy that they put out. It's music that you not only hear, but feel. The way I like it!

Today's View From The Ride comes from our worship time this morning. So good!


tysonm said...

Amen, man. I love the 180 worship music, it really connects for me too. The mic'ed amps, the live drums, the loud guitars really lets you feel it. Even the more quiet, pensive songs have a great edge which draw you in. Aaron does an amazing job leading and the students who play bring some pretty righteous chops, which all facilitates an emotional connection with God. That's what it's all about, right?

Bill Blackrick said...

I'm praying for musicians like yours who will help our church make that step into the modern worship style. Glad to see the blended style is working for you. It is tough to balance it just right.

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