A View From The Ride

The tag line of this blog is "...enjoying the ride." Life most definitely is a ride, an adventure. One that I enjoy and feel privileged to live.

I recently got a new iPhone, and must say, I am enjoying it very much. It occurred to me that since I now have a pretty decent camera with me at all times, that I ought document the ride a bit. In that spirit I start a new series on my blog..."A View From The Ride." I will occasionally post pictures of life from my vantage point, as it happens. A view from the ride if you will.

I start off with two pictures I took to night as I stood in front of my middle school students. I took them right before I began my talk on living an overflowing life. We have been in a series recently on having a life that overflows with God's love. See more here.

This is what I saw. I love the students God has entrusted to me and count it a great honor to be a part of their lives. Enjoy the view!


Jenni said...

i wish i had an iPhone. i seriously just stuck an apple sticker on the back of my Pocket PC and pretty much called it good.


ben said...

Hey, you should try to make the iPhone a ministry expense! Haha!

And I love your youth room. Looks like a good bunch of middle schoolers, too.

Good to get some perspective.

Great blog idea!

-Justin- said...

What a great group of students! Guys acting cool and girls all huddled together. This could have easily been my middle school group. Looking forward to more pics.

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