On The Move

The best word to best describe my son Benjamin is active. He is three years old and fast! Any time we are at church he can usually be seen darting around running through the crowds of people. It makes it very challenging to hold a conversation with someone while trying to keep an eye on him. To say, he thinks he owns the place, would be an understatement!

I am currently in the process of putting together a media presentation to be shown at Primetime. Primetime is our church's annual business meeting, which is really more of a celebration of what God has done over the last year, and a look toward the year ahead. It's really a wonderful time, and very unlike your typical boring business meeting. For the presentation, I have asked all the different ministry leaders to give me pictures they have taken over the last year. There is one I must share now!

When I received the pictures of our new parking lot dedication that took place last Spring, I cracked up when I came across this one. It sums up perfectly the first paragraph of this post. Yep...that's my boy. On the move!

If interested, you can view last year's slide show here. I will post this year's, next week.

Right now, I've got a boy to get after!


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