The Chair

I have had many people sit across my desk in one or both of the two chairs that sit there.
What a privilege it is to play such an instrumental role in the lives of people. Some of the conversations from those chairs have been very fun and enjoyable, others have been difficult. All important.

Each year at the National Youth Worker's Convention I look forward to seeing The Skit Guys; two very funny guys with big hearts for youth workers. In this video they do a very funny skit highlighting all those that sit in "The Chair." Prepare to laugh. It's hilarious!

HT to elevating a generation.


kenny said...

Love those Skit Guys. Hadn't seen that one. Great stuff. Laughed and cried. Thanks for posting.

Adriel & Christina Henderson said...

Loved the skit, and the ending was so true! Your influence during those years of my life continues to have impact in my life today. Thank you!

Brian Eberly said...

Thanks Adriel! That blesses me to hear.

Anonymous said...

how I miss those guys and YS events.

The Thief said...

This is such a true skit - though I've seen it numerous times, it still touched me. This week my wife got a comment (on MY blog, of all places) like the final scene of this skit.

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