Student Evangelism

I was recently contacted by a national mission agency. They were seeking my opinion on a very important question. One particularly important when it comes to youth ministry. The question, what do you do to reach the schools in your community? It is a good question that would no doubt solicit various answers from different pastors and ministries. Here are my thoughts.

Along with always encouraging our students to invite their unchurched friends to things we are doing (events, regular gatherings, etc.) our primary "strategy" is helping our students discover who Jesus is, and fall in love with Him and His message. It is our belief that when a student is a committed follower of Christ it will be freely evidenced in their life and people will be drawn to Him.

It is my feeling that we for too long have been drawn into looking for the newest and best "strategy" to follow for sharing Christ (4 Spiritual Laws, Steps to Peace with God, Romans Road, 3 Story Evangelism, etc., etc.) when the best strategy is a changed and revolutionized life. When a person is consumed with and in love with Jesus, it doesn't take long for that person to start talking about the One that they are so committed to. Certainly we have discussed methods for sharing Christ, but we focus much more on discipling our students in the direction of a committed love relationship with Him.

If you were to spend any time at all with your average grandmother it would not be long before she was pulling out her wallet to show you all the pictures of her dearly loved grandchildren. Why? Because she is so in love with, excited about, and proud of them that she can't help it. It's natural. No one had to train her in how to share her grandchildren with other people. There is nothing she would rather do. So should it be with our relationship with Christ.



muzik said...

So how to be light a fire if you will in students to be an example to their friends and get them to grow in the desire to reflect Christ?

Brian Eberly said...

That's hard to answer in full here, but more than anything I would say create opportunities for them to experience Christ. Mission trips, worship experiences, serving together, encounters with His Word, etc. The more time spent with Jesus the more one falls in love with Him.

Christian said...

Great question, Pray that God show's you what he wants you to do in the specific situation! Pray and let them experience God's Love! :)

The Thief said...

I'm no longer a youth minister, but as the senior pastor, here's what I do: I'm absolutely visible in their community. I am an assistant coach for the high school soccer team (one reason being that I love soccer, the other being that I love kids). I volunteer where kids hang out, and I talk to them. I remember their names.

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