One of my favorite things about this time of year is salsa...fresh from the garden!

From this
To this
To this
To this!
Our Mexico Outreach Team is getting together tomorrow night for a reunion and debrief time. What better time than that for some fresh salsa!

We're looking forward to a time of seeing how each of us are continuing on with the mission God has set before us. A lot happened in our hearts in Mexico this summer. It's our hope that the work God began only continues to grow.

We also plan to "premier" the extended version of our Mexico Outreach video. For those interested, I will be posting it here after the team sees it on Sunday. It does a great job of telling the story.


Matt said...

That looks tasty! Speaking of tasty...I had a Double Double on the way back from the beach today. I thought of you.

Brian Eberly said...

Your killing me man!

Doug Jones said...

that is the reason for a garden - fresh salsa!!!

I totally dig it - didn't get any this year... I used all my tomatoes for slicing and for sauce...

enjoy some of that for me, brian.

The Thief said...

We make our own fresh salsa, too. We've made 3 batches so far this summer, and we've got enough tomatoes and habeneros for at least two more batches already. When we make it, we use 15 tomatoes, 7 jalapenos (or habeneros), 4 onions, etc...

Oh is it ever good.

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