Starve Hunger

Yesterday our student ministry kicked off our annual 30 Hour Famine. It is our desire as our church to fulfill the words of 1 John 2:6, "Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did." As we look at the life of Jesus we see over and over His heart for the poor. All through out the gospels we see Jesus showing compassion for the poor and imploring people to give to the poor. It is our desire to do likewise. One of those ways is through the 30 Hour Famine.

The 30 Hour Famine is a World Vision sponsored effort that will take place February 23-24. We as a ministry will go hungry for 30 hours to experience hunger, albeit in a very small way. We will also be seeking the Lord together to discover how we might continue ministering to the needs of the worlds poorest people. As the weekend approaches each participant will be collecting pledges that will all go to support the ongoing efforts of World Vision as they to meet the needs of those living in situations of poverty. Last year we were able to collect over four thousand dollars. This year we hope to raise even more.

Would you consider playing a role in our effort? One dollar will feed and care for a child for one day. Thirty dollars will feed a child for an entire month, and $360 for an entire year. Any amount will help and will be greatly appreciated. Please contact me here if you would be interested in supporting this very important effort. All gifts are tax deductible.

Click here to read about our 30 Hour Famine last year.


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