View of A Famine

This last weekend 35 of our students and staff participated in the World Vision sponsored 30 Hour Famine. It was an amazing weekend of great spiritual significance. Real and genuine worship of our God truly took place.

Thanks to all of you that supported our effort through your financial giving and prayer. The money is still coming in. When it is all collected I will share the total. The Lord truly blessed

The pictures tell much of our story.

Worship at the Portland area rally.

Serving at Northwest Children's Outreach. We sorted clothing, toys, books and baby supplies.

Candle Experience. We gathered for a time of quiet reflective worship on Friday night in which we had 300 candles lit. We then began extinguishing them one at a time at a rate of one every three seconds. It created a stunning visual of how many children die in a period of 15 minutes from malnutrition and preventable diseases due to poverty.

Prayer stations. On Saturday afternoon we spent about 40 minutes in silent prayer. During the time we circulated around to 10 different prayer stations and prayed for things like the Compassion children we sponsor, child trafficking in Thailand, our Mexico ministry, along with a confession station, a silence station in which we simply listened to God, and a station to offer our thanks to God, among others.

Break-fast. We broke our fast with an incredible third world type meal consisting of cury chicken, rice, pot stikers, bread and fruit. It was a feast, and man were we thankful! Thank you Jim and Charlene for your ministry of cooking!

You may view all of our pictures here. We are thankful for what God did and continues to do in our hearts.


Greg Wygle said...

That is Awesome!!!
What an amazing experience it must have been. To think that, in the times that we are living, people are still going hungry. It really makes you stop and think.
Thank you God, that Brian and the others can help in this way.

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