God of Wonders

Click here to see some of the most amazing pictures in the universe; taken from the Hubble Telescope.

We have a very big God; a very creative God!

God of wonders
Beyond our galaxy
You are holy, holy
The universe
Declares your majesty
You are holy, holy
-Marc Byrd


-Justin- said...

Hey Brian, I love pics like that too.

You may have alreay done this, but I downloaded a workflow from macworld.com and put it my login items and now every morning, my Mac will set the NASA pic of the day as the desktop background. They have some breathtaking pics. It is exciting to see the new pic come up each morning.

I'll give you the link to the article. The tip is under the section called "Make your desktop your own, 3rd paragraph.


Here is the site if you just want to check out the NASA pic of the day:


Brian Eberly said...

Wow! Amazing pictures Justin! Thanks.

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