Think On This

HT: Jessica Hagy


Heather Friesen said...

We spent 8 days in Ethiopia in July, and we saw people who have lots of needs. We know that their want circle is a lot smaller than the lucky westerners because they don't know what they are missing! How I long for a simpler lifestyle, and yet, I still have a Christmas list at the end of the year. :)

bryan riley said...

Thinking on that: My first reaction was that the want circle was too small because we think we want and need so much more. Then, I thought about the fact that there really is much more out there that we don't already have that we could want, so making it smaller was reflective. But, then again, I thought about the fact that "want" should almost be described as "perceived needs."

Didn't Jesus teach a long time ago that we can't worship both God and Mammon? So what are we worshiping?

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